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Living with Cancer: Information that may be of help to you!

After Cancer Treatment Group Teaching appointment

When you finish a cancer treatment at the Durham Regional Cancer Centre, you will be given an appointment to attend a group teaching session. This group teaching session will give you information on:

  • Your new normal
  • The next steps in your care
  • Your side effects
  • Your worries and fears
  • What you can do to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Resources and supports available to you and your family members

Talk to a member of your healthcare team if you would like more information about this group teaching appointment.

Cancer and work

Returning to work after any illness can be a challenge. Returning to work after cancer treatment can be especially difficult due to the effects of cancer and its treatment. Employers may lack understanding of cancer’s impact on work abilities, and how to provide accommodations at the workplace. Cancer and Work is a new, interactive website that has information that can help you with practical, up-to-date information on returning to work, including support offered by individual provinces.

Do you have the "My Plan of Care" booklet?

As a new patient, you will have been given a copy of the "My Plan of Care" booklet. This booklet is for you to use. It will help you keep track of: the contact information of the members of your healthcare team, your treatment plan, your treatment side effects, your tests and results and any questions you want to ask your healthcare team. We suggest you take this booklet with you to appointments with any member of your healthcare team. This includes your appointments at the Cancer Centre and with your family doctor, dentist or any visit you make to a walk in clinic or the emergency department.

Please tell us about your experience using this booklet. We want to know if it was useful to you or if you have suggestions for how we can improve it. You can give us your feedback by doing a short survey. My Plan of Care survey

Your Care at the Durham Regional Cancer Centre

You will find more information about your care and treatment at the RS McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre on the Cancer Care pages of the Lakeridge Health website Your Care at Our Cancer Centre

Your Cancer Related Symptoms: How you are feeling and the symptoms you have is important to us!

Why is symptom screening important to your care?

Each time you come to see a doctor at the Cancer Centre we want you to do a Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire. The Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire lets you tell us about the cancer related symptoms you have at the time of your appointment. Having this information will help us to talk about the symptoms you are having that are important to you. This will help us to plan the next step in your care with you. Talk to us if you have these symptoms at other times or if you have cancer-related symptoms that are not on the questionnaire. We may ask you about other symptoms too. You (or a family member or friend) can do the questionnaire on your home computer or mobile device. It cannot be done on an iPad at this time.

Please talk to us about these or any other symptoms you are having that are important to you!.

For more information, click on the links below to watch 2 videos.

How to login to complete the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire

To complete the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire, you will need to click on the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire button at the top of this page. To login you will be asked to enter your Ontario Health Card number (OHIP number). You can also enter your Cancer Centre ID card number (this is also called your medical record number). This is the number on the back of the ID card that you use to register at the Cancer Centre. To use your Cancer Centre ID card #, you will need to tick the box that says you don't have your health card. Do this first. Then you will go back to box number 1 to enter the number on the back of the ID card.

If you have problems seeing your calendar or doing the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire, please let us know by leaving a comment on our feedback form. You may also call Debbie Devitt, Patient Experience Lead at 905-576-8711 ext: 6401.

For more information on how to manage your symptoms

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